Introducing the Platform

But first… The Dutch healthcare industry is huge, complex and very much diversified. More than 1/3 of our national income is spent on healthcare, and every year costs are increasing, especially in the homecare industry.

The challenges causing the rising costs are:

1.Strict Regulations

2. Aging Population & Independent Living

3. Shortage of Homecare Professionals

Technology can help overcome these challenges and therefore, reducing the costs. As said, this is one of the ambitions of Health-E.

Homecare: Current Situation

Common practise:
many applications, much administration

Homecare: New Situation

35% more
homecare for clients

Our partner, the homecare professional

Health-E’s platform is fully designed and developed in close cooperation with the homecare professionals of a mid-sized homecare organization and their patients. Our solution has been carefully and successfully tested during a period of one year.

Support homecare professionals in their day-to-day job activities

The homecare professionals, has supported in providing all necessary day-to-day job activities and real-life situations and experiences.

Based on inputs, the Health-E experts have designed the logic and developed the technology to unburden homecare professionals from time-consuming (administrative) tasks as much as possible. Together, we have created the most effective processes and functionalities, with emphasis on the user experience: simplicity and ease-to-use.

What we offer

Health-E is a multi-sided platform, which means we provide our services with the goal to unburden homecare organizations and their end-users as much as possible e.g., the healthcare professional, caretakers, specialists etc. The Health-E platform is build with the Logistics core module as a basis to support homecare professionals in their day-to-day activities.

The Logistics module is supported by 6 modules, which are displayed below:

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