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Mobile Care Logistics

Homecare is about people, responsibility and trust. Taking responsibility for people’s care, and trust between two strangers: the homecare professional and the person who needs care.

We are revolutionizing the existing homecare system by bringing people, products and data together efficiently and effectively to master existing and future challenges, e.g. the exploding population of elderly, increasing costs and the rising shortages of homecare professionals. 

September 1, 2022 we went live with the first homecare organization in the Netherlands.

What is homecare?

Homecare is support and caregiving in your home. The average homecare organization offers different types of support and care:

  • Care and nursing at home, e.g. help with showering or caring for a wound and giving injections.
  • Assistance in daily living, e.g. help with administration or working together to increase social contacts.
  • Support with housework, e.g. cleaning, tidying up, cooking and doing laundry.
In short: very much diversified and demanding.

Less administration, more care

It is clear, the demand for homecare is much bigger than the supply, and the existing and future challenges are resulting in higher costs for homecare, higher workload for homecare professionals and less care for patients.

Patients should be able to easily find homecare when there is a need (demand). Homecare professionals should be able to effectively provide care to their patients so they can easily offer the best support (supply).

Do you know that on average a homecare professional spends 35% of its time to administrative tasks, instead of providing care to people in need?

Mobile Care Logistics

Health-E aims to improve and optimize the logistics of resources in the homecare industry by using sophisticated and integrated mobile technology. Our main driver is to unburden homecare professionals through mobile care.

Our platform is open, transparent, modular and easy-to-use. Health-E is an environment where all internal and external parties can work closely together to provide true value for the homecare professionals and their patients.

If we do not act on now, it is expected that by the end of 2030, 1 in 4 people in the Netherlands should be active in homecare to meet the increasing demand for care.



Game Changer

We are convinced that the ability to manage the logistics of all resources (i.e., people, products & data) effectively and efficiently, is the base of the solution for the issues in the homecare industry.